Fuming dad-of-two confronts fly-tippers as they drop 7ft fridge next to his garden

A furious dad filmed the moment he confronted fly-tippers who dumped a seven-foot fridge next to his house.

Dad-of-two David Holmes, 47, from Weaste, Salford, recorded himself ordering the pair to immediately remove the fridge after catching them in the middle of the act.

Shockingly, the large and “dangerous” fridge was being disposed of by men from a local takeaway in the area, reports Manchester Evening News.

The tree surgeon said that he had been on the phone with Salford Council while the two men were dumping the fridge.

But claims he was left unsatisfied with the fact that the council worker told him they would pick the junk up later on in the day.

The dad says he “lost control” and furiously headed out to the street where he lives – to directly address the fly-tippers.

The 47-year-old stormed outside and filmed his interaction between himself and the brazen tippers.

In the video, an angry David can be heard asking the men why they have chosen to dump the fridge next to his home.

He then proceeds to rightfully question the men whether they would do the same where they live.

A furious David has in fact revealed that the piece of land next to his home has become a hot spot for fly-tippers recently – with the issue becoming worse day-by-day.

Members of his community have even agreed to rotate on litter picking days, but the dad says the issue has gotten so bad they can no longer “keep up”.

David said: “We have had problems with fly-tippers on this location but we go out there and pick it up.

“But obviously when it’s a seven foot fridge you can’t pick that up and put it in a bin.

“I called the council and they said they were going to come and remove it but I said ‘no, they need charging and fining.”

He added: “When I first seen it I felt rage because I last night I saw them taking that fridge out the shop.

“Why would you dump something like that next to our house, they’re supposed to be my neighbour, they can’t go around dumping stuff.”

During the particular incident which David managed to film, he says he called the council during the very moment he saw the men dump the fridge.

However, he just had enough and decided to take matters into his own hands before asking them to return the fridge to their shop.

Now the fuming resident has called for the council to take sterner action by charging and fining fly-tippers saying: “I wanted them to come down to take some names and ID’s.

“Charging and fining is the only way this will stop.”

Councillor Barbara Bentham, lead member for environment and community safety, Salford City Council said: “Salford City Council received a call from a resident about an encounter with fly-tippers. Enforcement officers visited the site.

“At this stage no offence has been committed but this case is not closed and officers are investigating further with the information provided.

“If residents do spot fly-tipping we would advise them not to confront offenders.

“Instead they should record details such as personal descriptions along with the registration number and make and model of any vehicles used.

“Residents should stay safe while they are doing this and pass all the information they have gathered to the council.

“Salford City Council takes a pro-active stance towards fly-tipping and prosecutes offenders through the courts.”