National Baby Day: Why more babies are born on September 26 than any other day

September 26 is the most popular day of the year to be born – for two very important reasons.

Today (September 26) marks National Baby Day, the day on which more babies are born than average than any other day of the year.

According to on September 26 nearly 2,000 children are born each year on average.

This is the most popular day for a baby to be born, followed by September 25 (1,965 births) and September 24 (1,958 births).

A spokesman for said: “If your birthday is coming up in September it’s safe to say that your parents had a very merry Christmas.

“Fear not, though, as you share the same experience of being born in September with thousands of other people around the world.” a business selling cards and gifts celebrate the day, by selling birthday cards for those who conceive on September 26.

Andy Pearce, Co-founder and CEO at, said: “At thortful we celebrate all birthdays, and it’s great to hear the news that thousands of more birthdays will be created by pending parents this upcoming Christmas.”

According to the national statistics, eight of the top 10 most popular dates to be born are at the end of September and the other two are in October.

Why are so many babies born in late September and early October?
Parents who aim to birth their child towards the end of September could be aiming to coordinate with the start of the new year, according to an ONS report.

The other reasons may be that there is a larger number of babies conceived around this time as many of us are off work and in a festival mood.

What are the least popular days to give birth?
Unsurprisingly, the least popular day for a baby to be conceived is February 29, because it only occurs once every four years.

Another unpopular day to give birth is April 1, this may be because of “April’s fool’s day” according to ONS.

Which celebrities were born on September 26?
Celebrities who share there birthdays today include: Tennis Player-Serena Williams, Singer-Olivia Newton John and Youtuber-Lilly Singh.